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Some 12 years ago, I decided that I would incorporate my hobby into my DJ Sets whether for Mobile Events such as Weddings, Birthdays etc.

Or at my club night events. I started taking photos at my gigs and it gradually took off as a further means of entertainment by eye!

It filled in the gaps whilst waiting for the tunes to finish! 3 minutes is a long time to stand around or pretend to dance or smile permanently or get on

the mic and there’s nothing worse than a DJ who uses the mic incessantly all night is there?  

So, it began. A few pictures here and a few there. They got filed on the computer and the slideshows began. The screen being rather small meant that any display was only close up so something had to be added again. A projector and a screen became new tools for the Mobile and soon 6 foot images could be seen all around the venues from near and far!

Such became the next phase. At the end of each event, most Weddings and Birthdays clients wanted the images to take home so there was born the Images CD for a few  pounds more!

What next you may ask…………Well, looking photos was a little long winded once one got them home so something else was born.......

The Slideshow Disc no less! This proved a little more time consuming but nevertheless the task had to be completed.

I now offer two options at the end of each gig to those who enquire about the photos.

OPTION ONE is a Photos Disc with all the images as is straight from the camera.

Generally 100+ per event sometimes as many as 500 if the event was a busy one!

OPTION TWO became a Slideshow DVD. Created with software that glides through the images and doing a few tricks on the way such as

zooming in and out, gliding side to side and up and down as well as a few spins and wobbles before the finale of a quick fire resume of the whole night before it ceased!

Both options are supplied with full colour sleeves depicting the event and full colour on-bodies on the discs professionally presented!

The images were then also put through Photoshop to get the best out of all the images with full and cropped images used where most effective.

There are credits too and sleeves for discs to add the special and precious touch to a momento never to be forgotten!

Generally, the discs are supplied in threes for the option to pass around the family and keep a master too!

The images are generally cherry-picked to weed out the strays and at around 10 Mega pixels each are also so quite large at full quality but equally

email-able and can be prepared for the web for Facebook and Web Galleries alike.

They are provided usually to party organisers and hosts, no other unless with prior agreement withe the hosts for a little extra in each case!

 Some of the stand-out natural beauty and live shots that are pleasing to the eye!