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“One of the Worlds Best Mobile Discos and Commercial DJ’s!”

Celebrating over 40 years in the business of entertainment!

The Opus 2 Disco has been providing its clients with great music, a fabulous light show

and quality sound for over four decades.

Why choose The Opus 2 Disco over other mobile DJs?

We provide the complete package covering Music, Lights, Sound System and more! In addition to the usual - add experience, a confident  mild manner maybe a photo and video show for good measure and not only entertain but add the element of entertaining by eye and ear too!

What type of events do we cover?

From Weddings to Birthdays, Bar-Be-Ques to Black Tie and for all events from the small and sophisticated to huge head-count Ball and Fundraising Events. For all Adult and Children/Schools Events, we are up there with the top providers in the Country!

Covering all types of events large and small, please be assured, that you are in the best hands possible tfor your event to have the best music to suit your needs and your guests too. There is a state of the art award winning LED/Digital light show that would grace a small club.  This is accompanied by a very complimentary sound system that oozes all the good that JBL can offer. Add to this the flexibility of CD and full quality  digital music, (+ Video and Karaoke if required), and the bonus of a photo archive of the night played to screens during the event to its conclusion, then The Opus 2 Disco is “The Complete Deal!”

What do you need?

Need a laser lightshow, want more sound in more than one area, need mood lighting to transform a room, need an illuminated dancefloor, we can arrange it all to add that extra piece of  va-va-voom to make your event so special, it will be unforgettable for all the best reasons.

If you and your guests are up for a party then we will be the trigger that gets it going in to the small hours with a bang!

The show as standard……

The lightshow boasts up to six lasers as part of a 14 piece LED array. The DJ Booth is skirted with a black full colour matrix cloth with an optional white frontage. Add to this 16X tri LED uplighters/full on stage lights as an optional extra an that is without resorting to external hire!

SOUND SYSTEM is JBL Powered, Sennheiser MICS, Numark and Behringer DESKS and LIGHTING By:- Chauvet, Kam, ADJ, Cougar, Panoramic, QTX. All great quality and reliable!

What can you add?

Extras can include:- Mics, Stands, 16 Channel Desk with effects, a 24” mirrorball - perifery Uplighters that can also kick into action as the night shifts into top gear - Black And White Chequered Dancefloor or LED Illuminated Dancefloor - Bands, Vocalists, Harpist, String Quartets, Photo Booth, Table Entertainers and more…. all at very reasonable rates!

Personal additions?

Musically, you can add your own personalisation by providing your theme from background to dance floor fillers prior to your event by listing your favourite choices or artists and even add to them on the night being inspired by what you are hearing already.

From “First Dance” at a Wedding to the “Finale” at the end, you have complete input and the realisation that all your musically needs can be provided and the experience and knowledge to use them.

Black Tie, Smart or Casual?

If you need a Casual, Smart or Black Tie approach to your event, we will happily blend in with the same styling. If you need to make speeches then radio mics and lead mics can be provided. If you have a live act at you event, I can introduce and compare either side of the artist and alternate to accommodate  where necessary and even co-ordinate with your Toastmaster should there be one.  I will be at your service to help your event go as smoothly as possible and give you and your guests a night to remember that many will set their future event standards by.  

Experience is an art in which only age and previous knowledge of eventing can truly shine through and add the next event only what praise can generate from the last! Word of mouth is the best advert for any entertainer, and a DJ too comes under the same lot!

Our Thanks!!!

We would like to thank all the people who have trusted in just what The Opus 2 Disco can and has provided over the years. Thousands of  happy customers, hundreds of thousands of happy guests and to the many venues that have let us through their doors, we thank you too!

If you are looking to have an event soon or in the near future, then please call ( 01491 826116 ) or email  peterroberts656@btinternet.com with your dates and requirements and we will do our best for you too!

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